For Immediate Release: November 18, 2004


Americans Against Arnold is strongly opposed to amending Article 2, Clause 5 of the US Constitution that bars the foreign-born from seeking the Presidency. High-level political operatives from Arnold 's Schwarzenegger's gubernatorial campaign have commenced a media blitzkrieg propagandizing for a change in the Constitution so Arnold can run for President.

Arnold has said for decades that he wants to amend the Constitution so he can be President. Now, Congressman Dana Rohrbacher, Senator Orin Hatch and others have introduced legislation known in Congress as “Arnold Bills” to give Schwarzenegger what he wants. This has been an obvious, well-focused campaign to mold public opinion in favor of amending the Constitution for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold has publicly stated that he has dreamed of being a dictator. Americans Against Arnold founder Alex Jones says, “ Arnold is already running for President. His operatives have been dominating the airwaves, despite the fact that in major polls 80+ percent of Americans don't want to change the Constitution so he can be President. This narcissistic megalomaniac would have control of the nuclear launch codes if he were President – just think about that. From defending known Nazi Kurt Waldheim, using illegal drugs and sexually harassing women, I've never heard of a politician coated in this much slime.”

Americans Against Arnold has launched a counteroffensive that represents the American people's views, the Founding Father's warnings and the US Constitution. To that means we will be running radio and television commercials in select areas of the country to raise public awareness to the real nature of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the clear and present danger he represents to American sovereignty.

Make no mistake: Arnold and his minions intend for him to run in 2008. Congressman Rohrabacher told the San Jose Mercury-News on November 3 that Republican leadership believes Arnold has turn the tide and that they want him for President “when Bush is done.”

We beg the media to go to and look at all the well-respected publications that have chronicled Arnold 's frightening activities. We sincerely hope that they will interview the founder of Americans Against Arnold and give us equal time to this important issue. All we've seen for the last month is the glossy media presentation of how great Arnold is and what a great idea it would be to amend the Constitution.

Americans Against Arnold founder Alex Jones is a documentary filmmaker and national radio host who has been researching Arnold Schwarzenegger for years. He has done thousands of interviews on radio and television in the United States and internationally. To set up an interview with Alex Jones please call 512-291-5750 and/or email

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