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Americans Against Arnold

Americans Against Arnold has launched a campaign against the movement attempting to amend Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution that bars foreign usurpers from becoming President.

We have launched these defensive measures against Arnold Schwarzenegger's blitzkrieg attack on the Constitution because we love America and believe that the Founding Fathers were right: only someone born in America should be able to be President.

Just as important, we are dedicated to exposing the individual, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is totally unfit to be Governor of California, much less President of the United States. Arnold will serve as a meticulously documented encyclopedia of Arnold's sinister, grotesque and even barbaric activities, from his nazi links to illegal drug use and sexual harassment.

The Founders forged Clause 5 of the first Section of Article II of the Constitution to protect America from a foreign-born President holding dual or treacherous alliances with other countries.

Ironically, the Founding Fathers did this because, at the time of the ratification of the Constitution in 1789, a scandal was enveloping Europe concerning an Austrian government operation where Austrian agents would move to another European country as young men, become popular, and move into powerful elected positions, all the while serving their Austrian homeland.

In more modern times, we have the phenomenon of Adolf Hitler of Austria, who Schwarzenegger has spoken of admiringly, taking over Germany.

America is a wonderful place full of opportunities and is the most open to immigrants anywhere. If an American citizen went to Austria and told them that he wanted to be President he would be laughed at as an outlander. No country in the world would even consider having a foreigner as their President or their Prime Minister.

On top of it all, Arnold Schwarzenegger has never given up his dual-citizenship with Austria, and he is continually involved in Austria's internal politics.

The Arnold camp has talked about how, if he can't become US President he might move back to Austria and become President there. Good. Good riddance, we say.

After all, Arnold has campaigned in Austria before -- for nazi war criminal Kurt Waldheim. At the height of an international scandal in 1986 Arnold said in front of a crowd of family, friends and news media that he didn't care about Waldheim's nazi past, he was going to support him. He was even on campaign posters.

Even if you want to ignore all of the evidence showing what a dark character Schwarzenegger is, then pay attention to the polls which indicate that the vast majority of Americans, even naive Arnold supporters don't want him to be President.

Arnold's people certainly know this. That's why they've had everybody from Senator John McCain, Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator Orin Hatch, to Congressman Dana Rohrbacher out stumping for him in the weeks prior to his high-level political operatives launching this transparently fake "grassroots" campaign, Amend for Arnold.

Congressman Dana Rohrbacher, after introducing a Bill in the House (one of four bills all dubbed "Arnold Bills") that would repeal the law barring Schwarzenegger from being President, told the press that the bill wasn't for Arnold, but was for all immigrants.

Then, three weeks later, he told the San Jose Mercury-News that top Republicans want to clear the way for Arnold to run for the Presidency, and they need him when Bush is done in '08.

There has been wall to wall glowing media coverage for the last month, including Arnold on 60 Minutes telling us how wonderful he is and pushing for the Constitution to be changed.

Bottom line: Arnold Schwarzenegger is a despicable creature with more baggage than a jumbo jet loaded with passengers. He can never be our President because he is so compromised. And that's why the establishment loves him: at any time if he doesn't play ball and do exactly what he's told they can open the floodgates, releasing a cesspool of dirt.

The people don't want him, but the elite does. Don't let them put perfume on a pig, join us in standing up for America against this foreign , narcissistic carpetbagger that is Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger


Arnold and his political operatives are seeking to change the below listed cornerstone of the US Constitution, and for some reason the media is falsely reporting that Arnold needs to have the 22nd Amendment removed, which deals with the President only being able to serve two terms.


It's an urban legend that the 22nd Amendment is blocking Arnold. It is Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution itself that bars him. Here is its text:

Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution States: No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

Note: if the Bills moving through Congress promoting making it possible for Arnold to run for President are successful in opening up a Constitutional Convention, the entire Bill of Rights and Constitution are wide-open to be totally changed.

Constitutional Conventions are very, very dangerous. Regardless of which side of the political spectrum you consider yourself to be on, a Con-con is bad news. An amendment could be passed further legalizing abortion or, conversely a law banning it. The Second Amendment could be removed.

We're talking about a dangerous free-for-all where special interests from all sides destroy America. Anything could happen, and this is the type of Constitutional crisis that Arnold is made for. There's a move on right now to open up a Constitutional Convention for a flag-burning amendment. They're also trying to get one for gay marriage.

The Bills are waiting right now in Congress to piggyback an amendment for Arnold on any of these measures. So look out, and take this very seriously. Arnold isn't spending all his time and energy pushing a Constitutional amendment for nothing.


Americans Against Arnold represents the majority view that a foreigner, especially Arnold Schwarzenegger, should not be eligible to be our President. We know that if Americans learn the facts about Arnold they will be as scared as we are of this sinister figure.

Documentary filmmaker and radio host Alex Jones founded Americans Against Arnold to unite the American people in a grassroots effort to counter Arnold Schwarzenegger and his forces attempt to butcher the United States Constitution.

Americans Against Arnold is going to run TV and radio ads starting in Texas and California alerting the American people to the clear and present danger that Arnold Schwarzenegger poses to our nation.


Alex Jones was once like most Americans. He thought that Arnold was just a popular movie star who grew up in Austria. He was in the unique position of preparing for his radio show five days a week, so he read a lot of news and became more informed about Arnold Schwarzenegger than the average American.

Jones had read scores of news articles from respected publications about how Arnold had been involved in drug use. He learned that Arnold openly spoke of admiring dictators, that he someday wanted to be President of the United States.

To his horror, he then found an MSNBC article where Arnold publicly stated that he loved Kurt Waldheim and didn't care about his nazi affiliations. This was revealed at the height of an international scandal involving Kurt Waldheim who had just been outed as a top nazi in WWII. In the middle of the scandal, Arnold went to Austria and campaigned for Kurt Waldheim, who has been attributed to putting out wartime flyers in Serbia telling the population to kill all Jews.

Alex Jones learned all this five years ago and thought to himself that there was no way that this megalomaniac who has said he admires Hitler could ever be President. Then Jones read in the San Francisco Chronicle where Karl Rove and others pushed for Schwarzenegger to run for the Governorship of California.

Jones began to watch Arnold much more closely and did detailed research on Schwarzenegger. The picture of Arnold only got worse: his link to the California Enron scandal, multiple independent unchallenged sources who personally said Arnold screamed racial slurs at them in public, legions of women who have been subjected to his pig-like treatment, including sexual harassment, and, as Arnold has said, "where there's smoke there's fire," his admission that he has used steroids makes him a horrible role model to children and athletes.

It just goes on and on...

Alex isn't the only one who has noticed. Scores of prominent people on both sides of the political spectrum have written editorials and appeared on television decrying Arnold's reprehensible behavior.

All of that ended when he was elected Governor. Now the mainstream media fawns at this creature's feet, despite the fact that polls show that 80+ percent of Americans are opposed to a foreign born President. Even more are opposed in polls where Arnold is mentioned.

Jones has received hundreds of emails and calls from across the country from people on the left and right who are upset about the fact that the media is now ignoring Arnold's agenda and past.

The general sentiment on the street is that Arnold is scary, a misogynist and a would-be dictator. No one we've talked to thinks he should be able to be President. Still, we have all these heavy-hitters from both parties running a campaign for him.

We hope the media will pay attention to the vast majority of American who are against Arnold and that they will start exposing what he is.

Our main mission is to defend Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution, which defends our national sovereignty.

Alex Jones says, "What is this, a sick joke? No other country would even entertain the idea of having a foreigner for President. And who is the elite pushing? Arnold Schwarzenegger -- who has more skeletons in and out of the closet than a mausoleum."

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