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Help us defend America and the United States Constitution from Arnold Schwarzenegger and others like him. We will use your donations to run radio and TV ads in key cities around the country.

The radio and TV ads are in production right now. They will focus on why we have Article 2, Clause 5 of the Constitution barring the foreign born from becoming President.

We are not a 501c organization. That means the government has no regulatory control over our free speech.

Please support Arnold As his campaign grows, so will ours. Remember, unlike Arnold, we don't have squadrons of billionaire fat cats bankrolling us. What we do have is the American people who, in major polls, are 80 percent against Arnold being able to run for President.

Your support is vital to the future of the Republic.

Please donate whatever you can using the paypal buttons below, or send a check payable to Alex Jones to:

Alex Jones/Arnold Exposed
3001 S. Lamar, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78704