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In major national polls, the vast majority of Americans are against Arnold being able to run for President. Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger, a man who says he's dreamed of being a dictator, having control of the nuclear launch codes as President.

If you are as concerned as we are about a Schwarzenegger presidency, or any foreigner gaining access to the highest office in the land, then please donate as much as you can to Americans Against Arnold so we can run radio and television ads around the country exposing Arnold and his agenda.

Contact your local media and government representatives and tell them about ArnoldExposed. Tell them that we deserve equal time, as Arnold's political operatives are already campaigning 24/7 to repeal Article 2, Section 5 of the United States Constitution. Fax and email them our press release repeatedly. Tell them how to contact us. Beg them to research the sinister statements of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Please contact your entire email list with the URL (link) for Post the below banners on your website, in the body of emails you send, or on message boards you visit.

Americans have to rise now to defeat this foreign threat to our country.

Arnold Exposed and Americans Against Arnold