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Senior Bush Suggests That Schwarzenegger Could Someday Become President

National campaign intensifies into sixth week.

Arnold | December 1, 2004

As Arnold's thinly-disguised campaign intensifies, ninety-nine percent of the media coverage is pro-Arnold for President.

Arnold has gotten one 20 second report on CNN. Meanwhile, Arnold's front group has been on every news show known to man, in many cases multiple times.

The lavish coverage is perpetual and is, in reality, nothing more than the launch of his Presidential campaign by the establishment media.

Print and radio outlets have given Americans Against Arnold coverage, and we've gotten over 5 million visitors to Arnold The TV news outlets, however, that we have contacted simply tell us "they'll get back with us." Then, the next day, we see Morgenthaler-Jones of the terminate-the Constitution crowd on their show.

Depending on what national poll you look at, eighty to sixty percent of Americans are against amending the Constitution for Schwarzenegger or anyone else. Why, then, won't the media cover what we're doing?

Maria Schriver is playing her usual role of defense in telling Vanity Fair that she's sure the Constitution will be changed for a foreigner, but it won't be Arnold . This is just like when she said Arnold would not run for governor. Her transparent cover allows Arnold to continue running his Presidential campaign while denying it exists.

We warned you, he's not playing games. While in Texas getting his award from George H. W. Bush he then went on to a fundraiser to get $20,000 a plate for some unnamed campaign.

Take this seriously and please help us get the word out.

Governor Receives Bush Award
Senior Bush suggests that Schwarzenegger could someday become president

Houston Chronicle | November 30, 2004

COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- Former President George H.W. Bush presented Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger an award for public service on Tuesday and suggested that the foreign-born, former action movie star could someday be elected president.

"In regard to him ever being president of the United States, my advice to you Aggies and to any of those doubters, don't bet against Arnold Schwarzenegger," Bush told about 2,500 people attending the award ceremony at Texas A&M University.

The former president didn't endorse Schwarzenegger for the nation's highest office. But he obliquely referred to recent discussions about amending the U.S. Constitution to allow a foreign-born citizen to be president. Schwarzenegger, who was born in Austria, currently is ineligible for the White House, but Bush said people have been underestimating him during his entire career -- as a bodybuilder, actor and now governor.

Schwarzenegger tried to downplay the presidential speculation about himself, but he said immigrants should have the opportunity to run for the office.

"I like the opportunity," he replied, eliciting much laughter, when an immigrant-questioner in the audience said he didn't believe immigrants should be president.

"Of course, not because of me. I only have an interest to fix California," the governor added. "But I think that if someone lives here a period of time ... and votes and all that and makes good contributions to the country, I think someone should have the right to also run for president."

He called the debate over a constitutional amendment a "very interesting discussion, and I hope the discussion will go on in the future in this country."

A Silicon Valley group has launched a Web site and sponsored TV commercials promoting a constitutional amendment that would benefit a Schwarzenegger presidential bid. The governor has tried to distance himself from the group. But he has been traveling extensively outside of California and, according to one newspaper report, organizers of the "Amend for Arnold" movement say he has privately given them encouragement.

Schwarzenegger campaigned for President George W. Bush during this fall's White House race. He also campaigned for former President Bush and chaired his Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

Schwarzenegger said the former president wrote him a letter encouraging him to run for California governor a year ago, when the former actor unseated Democrat Gray Davis in a recall election. Despite lingering budgetary problems, Schwarzenegger remains hugely popular in the state.

The former president presented Schwarzenegger the 2004 George Bush Award for "excellence in public service" and praised the governor for his dreams and his perseverance.

"Arnold is not afraid to dream big, and he's put in the hard work to make that dream into a reality," Bush said.

"He's embraced the idea of public service as a noble calling," he added.

Previous recipients of the award include former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., the uncle of Schwarzenegger's wife, Maria Shriver.

The governor joked that Kennedy wanted to attend Tuesday's ceremony but couldn't.

"Thanksgiving was only five days ago, and he's still working on his dinner," Schwarzenegger quipped.

The honoree also joked that the award was a "presidential pardon for my bad movies."

The governor praised the former president for his career of public service.

He said Bush was "not only my hero but he's also my mentor and my teacher."

A constitutional amendment allowing Schwarzenegger or any other foreign-born citizen to run for president would require a two-thirds vote of both houses of Congress and ratification by 38 states.

And when we publish, we do it in a timely fashion. Better, I say, to be surprised by your newspaper in October than to learn in November that your newspaper has betrayed you by withholding the truth.

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