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More Propaganda: BIographies and Documentaries In preparation for Arnold's Presidential Bid

Arnold Exposed | December 22, 2004

Arnold's agents are carefully pushing a steady stream of
image-boosting propaganda in preparation for Schwarzenegger 's eventual run for president.

In addition to a new biography of Arnold written by a former Kennedy biography writer, in early 2005, A&E will air a "Biography" docu-drama highlighting Arnold's bodybuilding career and his campaign for the governor's seat of California.



IMDB plot summary:
This biographical docu-drama alternates between two parallel threads in the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger: his formative early years as the repeat winner of the Mr. Olympia body-building championship; and his modern foray into the world of politics, hitting the campaign trail and competing in the frenzied atmosphere that accompanied California's chaotic recall election.


Clearly these products are efforts to further conceal Arnold's tainted past and paint a distorted image of him as a hero and "icon of the American dream."

Schwarzenegger Bio Has Game Plan To Bring Him To The White House

Newsmax | December 22, 2004

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger approved exclusive interviews with associates for a biography due in June.

"Fantastic: The Life of Arnold Schwarzenegger," from Kennedy biographer Laurence Leamer, will include "the game plan to bring him to the White House," the New York Post's Cindy Adamsreports today.

"Six percent of the book will be handpicked lousy stuff like about his Nazi storm trooper father who will now suddenly get dumped on for being 'abusive.' We'll hear details of an early affair. Plus the 'startling' story of his wedding day and what that means, I have no idea," she writes.

See Arnold Run!

ChinaDaily | December 10, 2003

He may have abandoned the silver screen for the California governor's mansion, but Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie days are not behind him.

A&E Network said it is developing a two-hour movie entitled "See Arnold Run," based on Schwarzenegger's successful gubernatorial bid.

The movie should be ready in late summer 2004, according to the cable network known for its "Biography" series.

Calling the action-movie actor and former bodybuilder "one of the most charismatic, recognisable figures on the political landscape today," A&E Senior Vice President of Programming Robert DeBitetto said: "In many ways an icon of the American dream, Schwarzenegger was driven to international stardom and success by an unwavering sense of ambition."

The Austrian-born Schwarzenegger, who rose to fame as a bodybuilder and star of "Conan the Barbarian" and the "Terminator" movies, won the state's top office after a campaign that brought up widespread allegations of sexual harassment in his past.

According to an article in The Hollywood Reporter, casting decisions by A&E would not be made until a script is completed, but it cited sources saying the network has a wish list of actors, including Dennis Quaid, Viggo Mortensen, Willem Dafoe and Billy Campbell.