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What do you give a man who owns a mall?

Sacramento Bee | March 7, 2005

It must be hard to shop for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has just about everything, according to a disclosure form filed last week.

Schwarzenegger has received more than $21,000 in gifts while in office, ranging from four dozen "Red Sonja" posters to a case of raisins to a scepter.

Gifts of wine were popular - the Republican governor received everything from merlot to Mexican wine. So were gifts related to his cigar tent, from stogies to humidors.

Kings owners Joe and Gavin Maloof gave the governor a Chinese souvenir kit as the team played preseason games last year in Shanghai. The governor also received a Los Angeles Lakers jersey and two River Cats jerseys.

The governor's filing showed 21 separate investments worth more than $1 million, including his ownership of an Ohio mall and a stock holding in Starbucks Coffee. He was not required to specify how much more than $1 million each investment is worth.